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in orlando, florida. live look from the scene there. you see jeff bush there in the background. getting ready to rally the crowd. and michelle obama will be appearing in orlando later today. by the end of the day, done all they can do and might be a brief moment of pause. before then, it is a mad dash to the finish line which includes five stops in virginia and four stops in ohio in just 48 hours. the vice presidential candidates are doing their part. joe biden and his wife have two stops planned in virginia today including a visit to sterling. joined by singer john melencamp. >>> then travel to colorado and iowa. the man on top of the republican ticket mitt romney hits four sunday. two in virginia and one in ohio before bringing his campaign to rest with a rally in new hampshire. endless speeches will be in wisconsin and ohio and wrap up his day in iowa. monday is more about energizing supporters and getting them out to the polls. >> it's going to be a close election. the national election is tied. the key part is what's happening on the battleground states. president obama has his advantage
early votings, specifically in florida, 43% were democrats and 43% republicans. a judge there is also extending early voting hours after a suspicious package shut down one of the polling stations for hours. more than 17,000 people in maryland alone casting their early ballots. the state set up 46 early voting centers. voting officials were criticized for not having enough machines or staff to accommodate those long lines. and they seemed to get mixed reviews from voters we spoke with to. >> should have early voting. makes it easier for everyone to get to the polls. >> i want to vote on tuesday. i want to be part of the whole tuesday voting experience. get my sticker, walk around. i want the whole thing. >> polls will be open all day tomorrow in dc and maryland. and in virginia, voters can cast ballots between 6 a.m. until 7 p.m. all ballots will be announced after the polls closed at 8:00 p.m. she wants to be part of the day. i understand that. >> thank you so much. tony. >> all right. thank you very much. as parts of the northeast continue to recover from super storm sandy, there is
. the result of a new study straight ahead. >> florida social light at the center of the patraeus scandal. who is this woman, jill kelley? we're learning more. we'll be right back. alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. >>> you know the saying be kind to your kids. they pick up your nursing home when you are older. >> never heard it. >> certainly not news children grow up and take care of their parents. they are at odds on financials when it comes to it. found 24% of adult children expect to help their parents at some point. but 97% of parents don't think they'll need help. these results indicate families should talk about it. discuss options as more baby boomers reach retirement age. >> okay. just sounds like a big surprise when the time comes. >> nobody rea
highlight. people have been flocking to jill kelly's house in tampa, florida. people stopped by to snap pictures or wait for a glimpse of kelly. >> this is news, because -- [inaudible] >> it's like the real housewives of tampa. >> kelley is considered a socialite in tampa. she approached the fbi in june about threatening e-mail from petraeus' mitt trespass paula broadwell. the fbi uncovered the e-mails between kelly and john allen, the top commander in afghanistan. tony? >>> thank you. whether they've been forced out or leaving voluntarily, leaders in business, government, sports, and even entertainment can face an awkward transition when they step down. while it's unclear how david petraeus' departure will affect the cia, others in the spotlight have managed to leave on top. joining us now is david heenan, a visiting professor at georgetown university, and author of the brand-new book, "leaving on top graceful exits for leaders" which is being published today. welcome to the show. boy, probably could not have picked a better week for this book to come out. >> a lot going on. lance arms
the day in florida concentrating on the victims of hurricane sandy. >>> and more than 19 million people already have voted in the up coming election by mail or in person. no votes will be counted until november 6th. voting picked back up in maryland after a two day suspension. there was a big turn out in buoy. hours were extended through tomorrow again because of sandy. >> some other top stories this morning, stanford county sheriffs stepped up the hunt for lawrence stewart. accused of trying to kill his ex girlfriend and police officers tuesday morning. no one was hurt. stewart may be driving a red hyundai accent or white nissan altima with pennsylvania plates. >>> police released a sketch for the suspect wanted in a shooting that killed a woman and injured her firefighter husband. the man is believed to be in his early 20s. the shootings happened friday on a foot path. the firefighter and his wife were walking a dog and started firing the shots. so far investigators have not released a motive. >> getting to know tim cain. former mayor, governor and chair. now, he wants to represent yo
. florida is still too close to call but the result there won't make a difference. melanie is live now with the latest on all of this. it was a late night. >> reporter: it was a late night. yesterday, it certainly didn't seem like it was a sure thing. so how was he able to put it together? he was able to emerge victorious by holding on to his key constituencies. and exit polls show most agree the economy is not in good shape. voters apparently didn't blame the president for that. it was after 1:00 in the morning when president obama strolled on to the stage to signed, sealed, delivered. he told the country has made gains and held hope for a brighter future. >> it doesn't matter who you are or where you come from or what you look like, or where you love. it doesn't matter whether you are black or white or hispanic or asian or native american or young or old or rich or poor, abled, disabled, gay or straight. you can make it here in america. >> the president also thanked vice president joe biden who he called america's happy warrior for all the hard work on the campaign trail. >> differen
fox 5 on time traffic. >>> listen to this, and look at this, a group of students in florida making the impossible possible. they built shoes that let them walk on water. it's all part of an assignment for an architecture class. the students raced across, i wouldn't say race, but went across a 175-foot lake. oh, they are racing, all right. on the campus of florida international university. the winner got -- oh, that guy didn't win -- winner got 500 bucks. the professor said he hopes the exercise teaches students that anything is possible. wow. >> very cool stuff. >> that is very cool. >>> still ahead, top honors for a local high school's marching band. >> here's holly live in montgomery county today. >> reporter: top honors indeed. we're talking about the maryland state champs, as we are live this morning at quince orchard high school, where the cougars are fresh off their tile win. coming up next, we're going to find out all about their award winning show, that's live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. mbarrassg it's embarrassing! we can see you carl. we can totally see you.
states. at 8:00 p.m., the polls close in two battleground states, florida and new hampshire. democratic leaning areas of florida tend to be the last to report. don't jump to early conclusions. pennsylvania will closes at 8:00 is where romney hopes he can pull off an upset. at 9:00 p.m., polls close in 14 other states. colorado and wisconsin. then at 10:00, the last of the swing states close. iowa and nevada. that's a little indication of how the evening could play out. so you might want to put a pot of coffee on for sure. could be staying up until tomorrow night. we may not go to sleep. >> you are very possibly right. thank you. appreciate it. >> we should say the broadcast does begin a little earlier tomorrow morning. >> 4:00 a.m. >> can't wait. >> in case you have to go to sleep. >> who knows? after 2,000, anything goes. there's a live shot. clear skies across the area but it is cold this morning. temperatures falling back into the 20s for most of the region and here in town, low to mid 30s. 34 at regan national. going to be a cool afternoon. even with the bright sunshine yesterday w
the break. >> also coming up, there is a new tourist destination in florida, and it has something to do with the petraeus sex scandal. >> and looking for an extra boost of energy? why some say you should think twice before downing a bottle of 5-hour energy or another popular drink. details about a federal investigation next. >> also, he is the latest celebrity to get the madam tussaud's treatment. we'll tell you what steven colbert is doing in d.c. today. wow. >> as we take you to the break, live look outside. the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie, that's next. p risis,h >>> the home of the woman linked to the scandal involving former cia director david petraeus and his mistress has become a must see for the tourists and local residents have been flocking to jill kelly's house in tampa, florida, to take pictures or wait for a glimpse of the socialite herself. i know we're not supposed to do this now. i have been to tampa and driven down there, because i'm like, lock at these beautiful homes and, you know, you understand the
states was it that you guys got wrong? >> virginia. >> and probably florida. >> but you guys how did you come up with the equation to any electoral colonel to the best of my knowledge get it right? >> we record on different states and learn from each other. and the ground games and the demographics and made predictions that way. >> what did you think about the way things turned out? >> i think that the professor said the ground game of the obama campaign was really good and understood their demographics. and people really thought that the minority vote wouldn't come out and they definitely did. >> what do you think this means for the future right now? the president's got work to do right out of the gate. what do you think that means for the future of the country? don't be shy now. this is the last one. >> well, i think that there's a big divide in the party between the older republicans but still consider themselves conservatives. the republican party is going to reach in different demographics and appeal to a whiter base. >> what do you think about the ads? what do you think made the bi
ohio and florida. you also have very small county regional areas you can look at and say this might determine what's going to happen in the rest of the state. >> you're a professor of public policy and analyze these types of things quite a bit. super packs. they have really made a difference in this election in terms of the money available, the ads that we see. has that been to the advantage of the voter or not? >> if by advantage you mean getting a chance to see more negative ads, yes it is. there was a great concern among democrats that the citizens united decision will result in an uneven playing field. at least in this election that has not proven to be the case. raised enormous amounts of money. both campaigns have raised over a billion dollars each to run the election. so we don't have to worry about it in terms of the overall playing field. but i do have a question about the extent to which it drowns out other candidates and ideas that can't get the support. >> very interesting. mike fauntroy. i'm sure we'll be talking to you again. thanks for coming in. 9:39 now. we'll be r
her next. my goodness. 9:09now.      >>> a 99-year-old woman in florida who has lived through two dozen presidential elections is voting for the first time in her life. rosie lewis was inspired to vote after president obama won four years ago and says she promised herself if she lived to see another election, she would vote. she requested a ballot by mail yesterday. a family friend helped her fill it out and turn it in. >>> thank you very much. in 2008, young voters were a driving force in barack obama's victory. today, 40% of the u.s. population is now 30 years old and under. for each presidential candidate, it's the largest demographic up for grabs. the bigger question, will these voters show up at the polls next tuesday? joining us this morning, vice president of young democrats of america, and chairman of d.c. young republicans. thank you boeing for coming in. appreciate it. >> thanks for having us. >> that last thing i mentioned, let me start with that. kate, i'll start with you, do you think that the young vote is going to turn out in force this year? they
-mails he stoent another woman who was working down in florida and that there was some level of threat that she had given that had been so great the fbi started investigating her e-mail and in investigating her e-mail found all of these messages back and forth that made them know there was an affair going on. >> and this was quite some time ago? >> that's right. we also know in terms of the timing on this that the fbi was investigating it over the summer but they did not inform anyone outside of the fbi until this past week the director of national intelligence was told about it and the white house was told about it on wednesday and president obama was told on thursday. >> do we know the nature of the threats or the reason why the fbi started looking into this at all of the other woman? >> we don't know what the nature of the threats were but something that prompted fbi investigation. must have been something glaring to get them involved into a pretty serious investigation. >> always feel -- in this case it is general patraeus. so how does that part play into all of this? how dangerous
. she has been described as unpaid social liaison down in florida. she also happens to be the same woman who if investigators say received harassing e-mails from paula broadwell. allegedly had an affair with former cia director david patraeus. >> the scandal as ensnared one of the most powerful figures. general john allen. he was slated to takeover as the head of the u.s. command and nato forces in europe. put on hold because of a littles he engaged in inappropriate e-mail exchanges with jill kelly. a family friend of former are director david patraeus. traveling overnight to australia. his spokesman confirmed the investigation. >> today the secretary directed that the matter be referred to the inspector general of the department of defense for investigation and now in the hands of the inspector general. >> and shines a brighter spotlight into david patraeus. overnight fbi agents saefrped the home of the alleged mistress with lingering questions about whether she had access to sensitive information. defense secretary penetta says patraeus needed to step down. >> i think he took the right
, and if he wins virginia, florida, ohio, colorado or new hampshire, he'll be the next president. i think the president at this moment has a little bit better chance in the electoral college. >> i can't offer to shave my mustache when we win ohio, but i think that will happen. but i think in virginia you'll get a close race, one way or the other. i think you've seen tim kaine pull away from allen and made the case for himself as tough decisions he's had to make as governor. that will be a key senate race to watch, not just for where the commonwealth goes, but could control the senate. i think that's trending in a good direction for tim kaine. >> let me get your thoughts as well, looks like if you look at the poll numbers, kaine has pulled ahead of allen. do you think he has a shot? >> if obama wins virginia two or 3-points lease likely to -- he's likely to drag mr. allen across. allens a polls say he's up one. i think this will be a nail biter race like the presidential race. i think it could be a possible split. if there was a split in the vote, i think the better vote would be romney/ka
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